Bare dare

Piloting a plane may not always be what takes place inside a cockpit. A former female pilot of Southwest Airlines claimed this in August 2020 when she co-piloted a plane en route from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Orlando, Florida in the United States.

At the time, Christine Janning accused pilot Michael Haak of locking the cockpit door, switching the plane to autopilot and stripping naked during the flight, ABC News reported. Janning took photos of the naked Haak to produce evidence.

Haak reportedly pleaded guilty last year to a federal misdemeanor charge of committing a lewd, indecent or obscene act and was sentenced to probation in connection with Janning’s complaint. Last week, Janning sued Haak for sexual assault, as well as the airline for allegedly grounding her when she reported the incident to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The lawsuit filed in Orange County, Florida included the airline’s labor union as respondent for allegedly failing to support Janning in her accusation.

More daring than a pilot stripping naked inside a cockpit is a New York supermodel posing naked on the cover of the recently published New You magazine.

A naked Carmen Dell’Orefice under a bedsheet may not be so controversial as US adult magazines occasionally feature bare women to sell more copies.

During the shooting, Dell’Orefice also did not feel any discomfort working with photographers without a cover, according to New York Post.

Dell’Orefice, who posed for Vogue magazine when she was 15, explained that her self-confidence comes from maintaining her beauty.

Indeed, Dell’Orefice remains stunning, naked or clothed, at the age of 91.

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