BYS Philippines: 10 years of championing authenticity

Alluring, vibrant, high fashion, glamor — these words describe BYS Fashion Week, mirroring the brand’s 10
-year journey of providing tools for the creative and encouragement for the doubtful.

The three-day fashion event held on 6 to 8 October brought together nine talented young designers who showcased pieces that mirrored the brand’s ethos.

Day One presented sustainable ensembles by Russell Villafuerte and Randolf Clothing. The edgy, gothic looks from these designers contrasted with the feminine, glamorous yet badass pieces of Cheetah Rivera and Jaz Cerezo.

Day Three, the last day of the celebration, spotlighted art and self-expression,


DESIGNED by Russel Villafuerte.


Photographs courtesy of BYS
TOP by Kaye Morales.

Day Two highlighted the brand’s mental advocacy campaign Break Your Stigma, aptly featuring looks from Kaye Morales who is a mental health advocate and a Euphoria
-esque showcase from JustBonita.

Day Three, the last day of the celebration, spotlighted art and self-expression, starting off with I S S A, Issa Pressman’s fashion label that carries art pieces-turned
-clothing, followed by Cruz MNL’s street fashion, and Thian Rodriguez’s high fashion, edgy Japanesque looks.

Jaz Cerezo creation.

To thank its patrons, Angie Goyena, president of iFace, announced the brand’s newest endorsers: South Korean boygroup ENHYPHEN.

As it celebrates its 10 fruitful years, BYS Philippines continues to push its advocacies, spreading its core mission, in particular, to “Be yourself.”

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