‘The Green Reset’ promotes sustainable skincare products

With the rising need for eco-sustainability and development, green beauty is definitely the new standard. Global skincare brand Garnier is taking sustainability to new heights with its latest campaign, The Green Reset.

Garnier products are now 100-percent cruelty-free — good news for all sustainable beauty consumers, and most importantly, the planet.

Based on statistics posted on its website, all Garnier shampoos and hair care formulas reached an average of 91 percent biodegradability since 2019.

By 2025, Garnier “will create new high-performing and respectful formulas powered by Green Sciences” and packaged in 100 percent recycled plastic that will be recyclable, refillable and reusable.

GARNIER’s products are now100-percent cruelty-free.

This year, the brand commits that all plant and renewable ingredients will be collected from sustainable sources. Another aspect to look forward to by 2025 is Garnier’s initiative to use CO2 neutral plants at a hundred percent thanks to the use of renewable energy sources.

Garnier said, “The brand has been given the stamp of approval by Cruelty Free International, the leading organization working to end animal testing and the Cruelty Free gold standard.”

Garnier is also partnering with global and local organizations such as Take 3 for the Sea, Terracycle and Team Vitality.

“The Green Reset is green and real on how we can do things better for the planet every day. Garnier is already taking greener steps, greener formulas, solidarity sourcing, zero virgin plastic, and Cruelty Free international,” the brand said.

Beyond sustainability
The global skincare brand also promotes inclusivity and diversity — despite everyone’s ‘perfect imperfections,’ enhancing one’s beauty is greatly achievable.

Drew Barrymore, one of the faces of the brand’s Green Reset campaign, along with real, unique, and certified Garnier customers from unique backgrounds, participates in the brand’s official brand campaign video.

In the Philippines, the brand scouted individuals who aren’t afraid to show their authentic selves despite their flaws. Collectively, they are called the Garnier Gang.

Other than being an inspiration to many, a member of the Garnier Gang is entitled to ad features, content boosts on TikTok, exclusive event invites, and gifts of their choice.

Those who were chosen to be part of the Garnier Gang debuted during the brand’s Garnier Green Gala. At the event were booths that demonstrated the power of green beauty through experiments using Garnier products, as well as facilitators who educated people on the brand’s sustainability factor.

Join Garnier’s Green Reset and unleash your green beauty from within. For more information, visit garnier.com.ph/green-beauty.


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