De Lima to Remulla: Make justice work again in this country

“Make justice work again in this country,” former Sen. Leila de Lima told Justice Sec. Boying Remulla in a handwritten letter on 14 October.

Detained for the past five years on charges of drug trade conspiracy—in which no evidence has been presented in court, and all witnesses against her have retracted their statements—De Lima wrote the letter to comment on the 11 October arrest of Remulla’s eldest son, who was caught with P1.3-milllion worth of high-grade cannabis or kush.

“As a parent, I can only sympathize with Sec. Boying Remulla in the arrest of his son. Like everyone else, whether he is the son of the Justice Secretary or not, Juanito Jose Remulla is presumed innocent until proven guilty. This same cardinal presumption is what should have been upheld for those who have been judged only too swiftly in the past administration’s drug war, and who were not given the chance to defend themselves before the courts,” said De Lima.

“Every person charged with a crime deserves a fair trial, regardless of his station in life. I laud and respect the Justice Secretary’s statement that he will not interfere in or exert any influence in the case of his son, and instead leave his fate to the justice system.

“Any justice system is only worth the faith we put in it. I hope it works for Sec. Remulla’s son, as I hope that it will also work for me, as well as for the thousand others who were condemned to death without trial during the past administration. Sec. Remulla, for the sake of your son, for my sake, and the thousands killed whose families are still grieving, make justice work again in this country.”

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