Discover new excitement with the All-New ADV160

It’s the moment for Filipino adventure scooter enthusiasts to rejoice as Honda Philippines, Inc. — the No.1 motorcycle manufacturer in the country — finally announces the launch of the highly coveted The All-New ADV160 in the country.

The new model will be available to all Honda 3S dealerships nationwide this October 2022.

Designed to present new excitements, the All-New ADV160 serves as the latest edition in HPI’s famous ADV line, noted for commanding look, tires with Semi Dual Purpose Pattern, and comfortable ride.

The latest model features upgrades on all fronts from specs to styling and more, making it one of the most anticipated motorcycle launches in the Philippines.

The All-New ADV160 is versatility reimagined as the hands-down favorite everyday ride that promises an exciting sense of adventure whether for city driving or long touring. Here is the breakdown of all the newest offerings of this coveted adventure scooter:

Leveled-up power

Any discussion of the new features of The All-New ADV160 should begin with its engine, featuring a boosted displacement.

The ride is now equipped with a new generation 157cc, 4-Valve, Liquid-Cooled, eSP+ Engine, offering advanced technology with 4-valve mechanism and low friction technologies to provide excellent power output and environmental performance (Fuel Efficient). It delivers a maximum power of 11.8 kW @ 8,500 rpm and a top torque of 14.7 Nm @ 6,500 rpm, which proves more than enough for a reliable ride that takes you from daily commuting to leisure trips.

Tons of amazing new features

The All-New ADV160 also comes packed with exciting features from riding safety to everyday convenience.

One is the new Honda Selectable Torque Control, an advanced feature that helps balance the work of the wheel rotation. This prevents the slipping of the rear tires, especially on wet and slippery roads.

Also set to prevent wheel locking and increase stability in case of sudden braking is the Anti-lock Braking System with Wavy Disc Brakes. The system provides better braking ability as well as an aggressive look. Also, for long-distance riders, the new USB charging port is a convenient addition to this latest model.

In terms of control, the twin rear suspension is equipped with Showa Subtank to maximize stable damping. It also makes suspension performance more responsive by separating oil and air chambers, making each turn smoother and lighter to the touch.

The wide tubeless tires are another feature worth mentioning as it provides riders with a comfortable ride and better handling, giving the rider enough time to get off the road safely upon experiencing slow deflation.

Meanwhile, integrated into the All-New ADV160 are the Anti-Theft Alarm and Answer-Back System via the Honda Smart Key System. These make it easier for you to find your motorcycle in a parking location while ensuring its safety.

There’s also the Idling Stop System that reduces fuel consumption and increases efficiency, wherein the engine automatically switches off after the vehicle comes to a stop for three seconds. A simple throttle operation launches the engine back into full action.

These features that range from subtle to life-saving truly make The All-New ADV160 all the more worthwhile.

In terms of design, The All-New ADV160 not only delivers a unique image that prioritizes riding comfort but it’s also designed to make heads turn with its new muscular body design.

Easily noticeable in the new model is a new higher windscreen, adjustable to two levels to provide wind resistance in any situation, whether for city rides or long-distance travel. The seat height is now also made lower from 795mm to 780mm to ensure easy ground reach and better footing.

There’s also an All-LED Lighting System on headlights and turn signals for brighter and longer-lasting lighting. The system’s highlight is the LED taillight with an “X” pattern that gives off a futuristic flare.

To ensure safety, the Emergency Stop Signal feature is designed to flash turn signals quickly when braking suddenly at high speed. This warns drivers of vehicles coming from behind, alerting them to take precautions and avoid a collision.

Other design features of the All-New ADV160 include a new full-digital LCD meter panel with a sophisticated display and a new large luggage box that has been increased from 28L to 30L capacity to store helmets and other items for everyday activities. There’s also a wide yet highly rigid-mount matte-brown tapered handlebar, ensuring quick and full control of the vehicle at all times.

Lastly, the tank capacity has been increased from 8.0L to 8.1L to provide a longer cruising range on every ride. It also offers the convenience of having an additional designated area on the fuel tank lid to place the fuel tank cap while fuel is being pumped.

The All-New ADV160 is available in three color variants: Matte Gunpowder Black Metallic, Matte Solar Red Metallic, and Matte Pearl Crater White with a suggested retail price of P164,900.

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