Straight from my heart

Part 1

It’s quality time with me. Today, I dedicate to your questions, dear friends and followers. So, here is my honest sharing about my regimens and approaches.

The constant inquiry above all else is, “How to be you?” Let us take it one step at a time. Remember that everyone is different. While there is no formula to achieving your health and beauty goals, there are some basic and universal guidelines. And if you honor these rules, then success is within your reach.

My choice: Nobody can get fit and healthy or lose weight instantly. There is no magic pill for this. What it takes is discipline. But it begins with wise choices. If you made me choose between a bowl of green salad and potato chips — you guessed it right — I would take the salad. Plus, I would be mindful of the dressing. Why? Even if fresh greens are healthy, a generous serving of creamy dressing will add more calories and fat. So, if you please, get ready with lemon and extra-virgin olive oil plus a dash of sea salt.

This goes for unli-rice. It’s not in my lifestyle vocabulary. When given a chance to make the right decision over buffet choices, be guided by : less fatty/oily/creamy/fried/charred when grilled.

This applies to beverages: Limit sodas and carbonated drinks. Once in a while (as in twice a year, am not kidding!) is alright. Of course, one cannot escape from social obligations or festive celebrations.
Just learn to limit yourself.

Just a little
Your body speaks to you. A little of a tempting and delectable dish is alright. But not all of it. Try not to eat or drink beyond your comfort zone. Bingeing is taxing and uncomfortable to the digestive system.

Burn it now
Do not wait until tomorrow if you have overeaten. Dance the night away to burn the excess. Or, go for mild exercise one hour after a heavy meal.

Green is good
Every one of my meals includes a serving of greens whether it is green juicing in the morning or two servings of veggies at lunch and dinner.  This is a must. Truth be told, when I dine outside, I make it a point to eat a vegetable dish. And if I am forced to have a meal without any greens, I am totally unhappy.

Yes to carbs
Nothing wrong with carbs for as long as you eat them in moderation. If I have been used to one cup of rice per meal, there are days when I go for half a cup. That goes for pasta, too. Oftentimes, I share a plate of pasta with a friend. Sharing calories is good. It reduces your calorie intake plus it strengthens the bonding with friends.

When it comes to rice, I only eat unpolished red/brown rice. This is because the bran and nutrients on the grain are still intact.

Fish as your source of protein is way healthier.

More fish please
Honestly, I have not eaten red meat or pork for over 30 years. My preferred proteins are fish (the smaller the better like sardines, mackerel, dilis, dulong, maliputo, tuyo, danggit) White fish appeals to me too like lapu-lapu, bakoko, etc. Then there is also native or organic chicken or duck.

Soup is best
I learned this from my Chinese acupuncturist. Take lots of soup. Bone broth suits many people. But my preference is for organic chicken or fresh veggies soup stock. Hot soup is soothing in many ways, especially when you are nursing a cold.

Stay away from the sun
Avoid the dangerous UV ray hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Always wear a sunblock SPF 30 to 50.

getting hydrated oneself is one of the first steps toward a healthy living.

My drink of choice is still water followed by coconut water and my veggie juicing. While there are some benefits to drinking red wine, I will only have it during a wine pairing session and limited only to one glass. The absolute limit for women is two servings of alcohol a day. For men, it is three servings.

Sweet treats
It is treat and never cheat day, okay? A little serving of dessert is alright. By little I mean about half a cup only after a full meal. Never take dessert as your main meal unless your intention is to raise your blood sugar.  And do not take anything sweet for your late-night snack.

Observe a regular eating schedule
Eating on a set schedule spaces out the calories you need to stay energized all day and night. Skipping meals may not be such a good idea. Try to eat regularly even if they are 5 small meals a day.
There is so much to tell you. More lifestyle sharing next week.

Affirmation: “I am a cheerful giver.”

Love and light.

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