Finally, Quest-John Roa collab single a reality

Award-winning singer-songwriter/producer Quest teams up with equally talented John Roa on the single “Infinity” (Warner Music Philippines).

The two artists co-wrote the track, which was mixed and mastered by Thyro Alfaro.

“We’ve been planning this collaboration since 2018,” said Quest. “Then, just last year, John invited me to chill at his place, and, on the spot, we worked on the collaboration. We finished writing it in three days after we worked on the music.”

Recalled Roa: “The inspiration started with the feel of the beat. Then, Kuya Jose made the perfect hook for the song. After that, we met again at my studio and finished the songwriting and recording in one session. We just fed off each other’s creative ideas and melody structures, so it was just really a fun and free-flowing process.

“Infinity” follows Quest’s recently released Permanente EP and Roa’s remix project with Jarlo Bâse’s “Kalapati.”

On what their key takeaways, Quest said: “Finding the right collaboration can make your music-making process more efficient and effective. The entire process is memorable. Seeing John evolve as a producer and a songwriter is such a treat for me. His excitement and courage to create inspires me.”

Added Roa: I think that Kuya Jose and I have grown and learned much over the past few years. In life, everything has its purpose and right time. Just like this song.

You can now listen and watch Quest and John Roa’s “Infinity” on digital music platforms. For the latest updates on your favorite musicians, follow Warner Music Philippines on its social media pages.

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