Fresh look at power showers

Premium bath fixtures and accessories brand Kohler brings a range of unique shapes and an array of sizes to the shower, breathing new life into well-loved standards and marrying the latest in technology with fine craftsmanship.

Innovative sprays elevate the showering experience, and universal compatibility means the system works wherever in the world it is installed. Inspired by iconic furniture and home goods, and defined by soft, approachable designs, the collection carries an underlying familiarity while creating striking aesthetics within the space.

This showering is re-envisioned at the core of customer experience. An oblong showerhead results in more enveloping water coverage for the whole body, and seven immersive spray experiences offered within the collection include a deep massage spray composed of twisting jets that knead sore muscles and a Cloud spray that swathes the body in a warm mist.

Other spray options include a full coverage rain, a dense, wide sweep, and ribbon massage that cascades in an angled stream. Additionally, the collection offers an Infinity spray
— interlaced water streams create three experience zones in a single spray — the droplets closest to the nozzle rinse, while the middle zone massages, and the farthest stream provides coverage.

Many components make use of the game-changing KOHLER Katalyst technology, which enhancesevery droplet with air for a warm, luxurious cloak of water.

“Showering is so much more than just getting clean. It is a chance to feel rejuvenated, a moment to focus on self-care,” says Lun Cheak Tan, Kohler VP of Industrial Design. “A shower should provide a rich experience — through design-forward craftsmanship, meaningful functionality and uncompromised focus on the user.”

The global Statement Collection includes a showerhead, four styles of handshowers, four unique rainheads, and two bodysprays, all available in a range of sizes and shapes to best suit the décor and design environment. Finishes include polished chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, and brushed moderne brass (finish options may vary by region); all are aesthetically arresting and created to yield a natural interplay with other accessories and design elements.

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