Innovations to strengthen children’s immunity

Now that pandemic restrictions are easing up and children are stepping outside to attend
face-to-face classes, parents worry about how to protect their kids outside the four corners of their homes.

Celebrity host Bianca Gonzales-Intal attested, “As a parent, I always want to find ways to help my daughters thrive. I want my girls to make the most out of every opportunity this new world has for them to grow and develop into independent, empowered women.”

“The first five years of life are crucial for physical growth and brain development,” said Dr. Jose Rodolfo Dimaano Jr., medical affairs director for Abbott’s nutrition business in Pacific Asia.

“To best prepare children to maximize their learning, and with the world opening up again, parents must ensure children continue to receive quality nutrition that supports stronger immunity, better cognition, and faster brain connections,” he added.

Dimaano said good nutrition will be the path for a child to grow healthier and live a fuller life.

Abbott, a global healthcare leader and one of the brands that advocate children’s welfare, launched Similac GainSchool, the first-ever milk formula with the PRODI-G Nutrient System and an exclusive blend of five different human milk oligosaccharides to support better brain connections, higher IQ, and stronger immunity.

According to Abbott’s recent findings after two decades of research, human milk oligosaccharides are special prebiotics that nourish and strengthen the body’s immune system. It feeds good bacteria in the gut where “70 percent of the immune system is located,” as indicated in medical reports. However, despite its importance, HMOs have been a missing formula in children’s milk.

Aiming to improve children’s immunity, especially with the global pandemic, the brand, after over 100 clinical studies, released the newest formulation of Similac by adding five of the most abundant types of HMOs that proportionally make up 60 percent of total HMOs found in nature, and scientifically designed for even better immunity.

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