Jeffrey Hidalgo wins Best Director at Manhattan festival

Filipino pride. Jeffrey Hidalgo wins ‘Best Director’ for ‘Lampas Langit’ at IFFM 2022. | photograph courtesy of ig/JEFFREY HIDALGO

Jeffrey Hidalgo recently won the Best Director award at the 2022 International Film Festival Manhattan in New York for Lampas Langit (Beyond Heaven).

Released last August under Viva, Lampas Langit follows Jake (Baron Geisler) an author whose marriage is on the rocks. He meets Arman (Ricky Davao), his literary idol who happens to be his neighbor.

Jake’s secret is soon discovered when he starts an affair with Arman’s daughter Belle (Christine Bermas).

Lampas Langit also stars Chloe Jenna, Ivan Padilla, Milana Ikemoto and Quinn Carrillo.

On Instagram, the singer-actor-turned-fillmmaker wrote: “I am still in awe. Thank you, Lord! I dedicate this award to everyone involved in our film Lampas Langit (Beyond Heaven). I couldn’t have done this without you guys.”

Hidalgo flew to the US to visit his mom, Belinda, in Las Vegas to celebrate her 70th birthday. He also went to Chicago, Illinois, for the 2022 Chicago Marathon, one of the six major world marathons. This is his second after joining the 2019 Berlin Marathon.

“I was supposed to do this back in 2020 and the pandemic happened. I deferred to 2021 kaso nga lang, may work. I think I had Masked Singer nu’ng time na ‘yun so hindi ako makalipad. So, dinefer ko na naman. Sabi ko, this year sige tuloy na.”

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