Tattoo you

‘Dutdutan ‘22’ celebrated the return of the widely popular Philippine international tattoo expo with a live audience on 14 and 15 October at the World Trade Center Metro Manila.

The uninitiated, upon entering the venue, would probably think he had stumbled into a huge war emergency camp where people were being treated for various wounds and injuries.

Three tattooed Caucasians

That’s because the folks getting inked on their legs, arms, and other parts of their bodies, could be seen grimacing in pain.

But pain is part of the experience of getting a tattoo, the enthusiasts would say.

Everyone who came to the event had at least one tattoo, including the guys’ respective girlfriends.

A total of 110 local and foreign tattoo shops joined “Dutdutan ‘22,” while dozens of the country’s top rock and rap acts took turns performing onstage.

“We survived the war,” organizer Tribal Gear Philippines posted on Facebook, referring to the pandemic.

Now if the scene were virtually a “war zone,” it looked like all the injured were glad to have, indeed, “survived.”

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