Isko rallies public behind PBBM

“The bitter gourd (ampalaya) is only good for diabetes.”

So said former Manila mayor and now citizen Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso yesterday referring to critics of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

“Let us help our country by not joining any efforts aimed at putting down the current government,” Domagoso said in the pilot forum of the Manila City Hall Reporters’ Association at the Harbor View Restaurant near the Quirino Grandstand.

Press corps president Itchie Cabayan and vice president Andi Garci moderated the media briefing, Domagoso’s first in a long while.

Domagoso said even ordinary citizens can help Marcos score victories not for himself but for the people and country.

He said Marcos has done well in his first 100 days.

The former Manila mayors chided those who are praying for Marcos’ downfall not knowing that no less than the people would suffer in such an event.

Domagoso said Marcos has the mandate from 31 million voters that the rest of the country must respect.

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