Remulla: ‘Compassionate justice’, for illegal aliens

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla is sticking to the marching orders given to him by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. that there should be compassionate justice in the country.

This was given premium by the SOJ as he faced the members of the media covering the justice beat via onsite and in-person Tuesday.

Presently, many undocumented aliens in the country have bad experiences, some of whom have to shell out “blood money” for them to stay in the country.

The problem with illegal aliens is only with illegal Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators workers involved in crimes.

Remulla said by compassionate justice, the citizens of the country who get better treatment in other countries should also be implemented in the country for aliens from other countries.

He said the cancellation of visas of illegal aliens working in POGOs is now in process. “We will look at the recommendation of Immigration as it has recommended to me a process of amnesty. This problem has to be resolved for the country not only for POGO but other illegal aliens as well,” Remulla added.

The justice chief said that illegal aliens in the country are pitiful.

“Nakakaawa talaga itong mga aliens and undocumented, many of them are here for so many years and some of them since birth. This problem should be addressed and they should be treated humanely,” he said.

He added that the system before is very bad, involving the exchange of money.

“Let’s call a spade a spade,” he said.

“We must look at it from a national standpoint, we will consult. We serve passionate justice, the iron hand is a thing of the past,” Remulla said.

Hands off son’s case

Meanwhile, Remulla reiterated that his son’s illegal drugs case will be handled by a family lawyer and will keep his hands off the case.

Pressed to comment on the alleged “special treatment” for his son Juanito lll, he said: “No comment sa special treatment. I haven’t talked to him, I did not talk to anybody and others for favors. I just talked to my lawyer cousin who started to represent him already.”

On calls for his resignation, Remulla said it’s the president’s call if he is no longer effective.

“I will talk to the president about it when the time comes,” he said.

He said he appreciates the statement of support his family is receiving.

“I appreciate the support of the DoJ, we just go back to work because it will not change the flow of work. We have to continue with our reform of he judicial system, investigative system, pardon and parole,” he added.

Earlier, Remulla said the illegal drugs charges of his son will not be elevated to his office for review, rather it will go straight to courts for trial.

Under the rules, resolutions of city and provincial prosecutors can be appealed to the Office of the Justice Secretary via a petition for review.

The Las Piñas City Prosecutor’s Office has found probable cause to indict Juanito Jose Diaz Remulla III for alleged possession of around P1.3 million worth of suspected kush before the Las Piñas City Regional Trial Court.

No bail was recommended for his temporary liberty.

“It will go straight to courts. It will not go here. It’s not only me who’s on trial. My son is on trial. The country is on trial,” he said, insisting that he won’t relinquish his post over the controversy brought about by the arrest of his son.

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