Update your look with y2k hairstyles

Hair trends from back then dominate fashion show runways and the social media feeds of today’s top celebrities and style icons.

From high ponytails and baby braids, to the abundant use of hair clips, 2000s hair trends were all about attitude.

With its commitment to empower people to create feel-good routines, Philips presents hit 2000s hairstyles with a Y2k flair of its personal care solutions.

Flipped ends
This layered look can elevate even the simplest of hairstyles. Pull it off using the Philips DryCare Hair Dryer which packs the perfect balance of drying and styling power. With the help of a round brush, blow dry your hair and direct it to flip out using the narrow concentrator feature for focused airflow.

Lock in the curls with the Philips StyleCare Sublime Ends Curler.

Mermaid curls
While big on volume, this hairstyle is easy to create at home. Air dry your hair then curl in sections with the Philips StyleCare Multistyler. It sports a 25mm curling barrel for precise curl control and a protective ceramic coating for added hair care.

Twist each section as you wrap it around the curler, then gently pull for that wavy look.

Spiky bun
Equal parts sleek and edgy, the spiky bun is enjoying a resurgence thanks to Bella Hadid and Billie Eilish. To get the look, keep your hair tight and secured with some pins. Twist your hair and wrap into a bun while leaving the ends loose and spiky. Straighten the ends of your hair with the Philips Essential Hair Straightener.

Super straight locks
Bring out that inner Avril Lavigne with a simple hairstyle that’s far from boring. Start off by blow drying your hair with the Philips
3000 Series Hair Dryex.

Once the hair is dry, part it at the center and straighten in sections with the Philips StraightCare Essential ThermoProtect Straightener.

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