How to stop worrying

In this ever-challenging and unpredictable world, it is easy to be overcome by worry and fear. If one could count the many reasons why fear may exist in one’s heart, then that list would probably be a long one. But such is life and the many twists and turns one might encounter. There is always something going on in our lives to worry about, right? It could be financial stress, a house in need of repair, caring for a sick relative, being overworked and underpaid etc.

According to experts, the secret to harmony is transcendence. While this may sound a bit esoteric, here are ways to translate it simply.

Talk to someone.
  1. Talk to someone. And let that person be somebody you truly trust. Your confidant could be your mother, grandmother, best friend or pastor. Talk therapy can be elevated to a higher level by seeking out a therapist. The importance of opening up your heart to someone who cares for you is a positive step towards healing.
  2. Talk to yourself. This impacts on your sense of closeness to the inner you. When you are in touch with your own feelings, then introspection and self-evaluation come into play. So, do not be afraid to talk to yourself. There is a saying, “You can lie to everyone else except to yourself.” Start being honest with yourself. It’s the fastest way to have a realistic grasp on your situation.
  3. No nonsense. Being real means practicing honesty in your daily life. You do not couch your pain or frustrations any longer. You accept them as something you have to deal with. It needs your attention.
  4. Introduce more movement in your life. Get active. Do not isolate yourself. Get going on things you have long postponed. Movement means the arrival of fresh, new energy in your life.
  5. Practice mindfulness. Thinking about the future when it has not even arrived will lead to anxiety. Be here today. By focusing on your today-mindset, you can lessen the heaviness of having to think about what will happen tomorrow. Today begs for your attention. It is here, right now. So, focus. And you will be the wiser for it.
  6. Reward yourself with sleep. This is vital to your healing. The brain goes on over-drive with sleep-deprived individuals. The answer to relaxing the mind is good quality sleep.
  7. Exercise. Good circulation supports better health. And with exercise comes another benefit — endorphins, the feel-good hormones.
  8. Be kind to yourself. You need gentle, loving care. Indulge yourself with a little pampering. Go to a health club, visit a spa, have a makeover, travel with friends. Have a great time. Learn to laugh more by letting go of the unpleasant, the painful and the discouraging aspects of your life.
Indulge yourself with a little pampering like a visit to the spa. | photograph courtesy of unsplash/ alan caishan

Affirmation: “I have wings and I am ready to take flight.”

Love and Light!

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