NCR cops told, ‘be your brother’s keeper’

Metro Manila police chief P/Brig. Gen. Jonnel Estomo advised police officers under his authority to be their “brother’s keeper” so they can all trudge the straight path.

Estomo issued the rejoinder as he revealed that the three Manila cops arrested for alleged extortion had been placed under a pre-charge investigation. The three allegedly demanded P2,000 for the return of an impounded motorcycle.

All the other personnel of the precinct where the three were detailed had been relieved of their posts and assigned to the Manila Police District holding unit for re-training.

“You must be your brother’s keeper,” Estomo told police officers under the command of the NCRPO, urging them to be always ready to provide good advice to those who may be veering off the right track.
He said police officers should first serve as good role models to one another before they can aspire to be exemplary models for citizens.

In all, 17 cops from the precinct were placed under a 45-day retraining program.

Estomo has been known to invite for “breakfast” police officers with standing complaints from the public. Over coffee, he’d ask them to reform if the complaints against them are true.

He has also encouraged officers under him to undertake spot correction of their personnel so that disciplined is maintained.

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