Woman stabs ‘witch’ dead

A woman, identified by the police Friday as 31-year-old Beverly Sagansay, was arrested Thursday for allegedly stabbing dead a man on suspicion that the latter was a witch.

The Malabon police identified the fatality as Joel Tud, 67, a resident of Barangay Catmon and allegedly a “manghihilot” or traditional doctor.

Sagansay was reportedly a client of Tud, according to homicide probers P/SSg. Jeric Tindugan. A witness pointed at Sagansay as the one who entered the house of Tud before stabbing him.

The knife allegedly used in the killing was recovered from the woman who, according to the policemen, felt that the man cast a spell on her when she consulted him for an illness.

Instead of getting better, the woman said she had gotten worse each day.

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