Do away with ‘I’ mentality — CJ Gesmundo

The Supreme Court embarked on a long-term program to further improve the delivery of justice to all those who need it, Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo strongly pushed for the elimination of the “I” mentality within the judiciary.

“The “I” mentality particularly — “I did this,” “I did that,” which forces us to minimize, if not reject outright, the ideas and the contributions of others who came before us,” Gesmundo said.

The said edict will be part and parcel of the implementation of the Supreme Court’s Strategic Plan for Judicial Innovations 2022-2027 for the effective delivery of justice.

As the Court’s “blueprint for action,” the SPJI will continue to evolve through consultations and discussions with stakeholders.

“We are not pushing programs down the throats of our judges and personnel, much less our court users,” said the Chief Justice.

“The SPJI will engage all stakeholders to make every single one of these programs viable, workable, and reasonable so that they will be easy to embrace and adopt,” he clarified.

The SC plan of action to address institutional challenges was adopted as its guiding principle as its long term reform program.

Chief Justice Gesmundo said the SPJI will be using four guiding principles to address institutional challenges.

He said they will be using the four guiding principles for the delivery of the judiciary’s delivery of justice namely timely and fair, transparent and accountable, equal and inclusive and technology adaptive.

Steered by these guiding principles, the Court targets three major outcomes: Efficiency, Innovation and Access.

The long-term reform program, the SPJI was launched in an en banc session recently.

“Today, a century and about a quarter after its establishment, the Supreme Court opens its doors to take its place at the forefront of life as Filipinos know it. Today we remove the shroud that has enveloped our officials and systems in a haze of misperceptions and incomprehension, and present to you in clear and indelible terms what we envision, what we have planned, and what we target to accomplish for our citizenry, and the methodologies we will adopt to achieve our objectives. Today we present with great pride the Strategic Plan for Judicial Innovations 2022-2027, or the SPJI,” Gesmundo said.

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